Open URL in existing Qutebrowser from Emacs Daemon on Gentoo

Sunday, Jul 28, 2019

On my Gentoo desktops, I use Emacs Daemon via sys-emacs/emacs-daemon1 to ensure an Emacs instance is ready to go and always available from boot. This is done via creating a symbolic link like /etc/init.d/emacs.winston to /etc/init.d/emacs which will start Emacs for the given user. See the package README for more details. A shortcoming of this setup is XDG_RUNTIME_DIR2 is not set, as this is set by my Desktop Session - maybe LightDM or consolekit set this?

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Blink Shell: First Thoughts

Tuesday, Jan 22, 2019

As a heavy user of SSH to manage computers and IRC via command line clients, the most used application on my phone besides the web browser is a SSH client. Previously I have used Prompt and it worked, but barely. My issues with Prompt include crashing on emoji spam that is common in certain IRC channels, very slow terminal rendering to the point that watching the output of compiling a large package will cause Prompt to lag uncontrollably for tens of seconds, and a relatively un-intuitive UI.

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GNU C Style

Sunday, Jan 13, 2019

No. Do not use it please! There are far easier-to-read and easier-to-use styles for C! 1 Indentation Style on Wikipedia ↩︎

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Publishing with org-static-blog

Friday, Jan 11, 2019

Criteria After reviewing a list of org-mode1 capable static website generators2, I decided to see if org-static-blog3 could suffice my simple needs. My criteria for choosing an org-mode static site generator was: it must be actively maintained, it must be simple to set up with customizations, and it must work with Emacs 26 and later. This ruled out quite a few right away. I didn’t attempt using org-publish, as it looked like a great deal of configuration to achieve a minimum viable web-page for this project.

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Toggle Redshift with Keyboard Shortcut

Wednesday, Jan 9, 2019

Redshift is a screen-tinting program that achieves similar goals to the popular f.lux1 program. I perused through the redshift man-pages and noticed there is no documented way to toggle redshift. Of course one can click the notification area icon when using redshift-gtk or SIGTERM the redshift process, but neither is very user friendly. (The mouse is not user friendly.) After some awkward DuckDuckGo-ing and Googling I found an obvious solution on the redshift homepage2: simply send SIGUSR1 to the redshift or redshift-gtk process.

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