GNU C Style

Sunday, Jan 13, 2019

No. Do not use it please! There are far easier-to-read and easier-to-use styles for C! 1 Indentation Style on Wikipedia ↩︎

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Publishing with org-static-blog

Friday, Jan 11, 2019

Criteria After reviewing a list of org-mode1 capable static website generators2, I decided to see if org-static-blog3 could suffice my simple needs. My criteria for choosing an org-mode static site generator was: it must be actively maintained, it must be simple to set up with customizations, and it must work with Emacs 26 and later. This ruled out quite a few right away. I didn’t attempt using org-publish, as it looked like a great deal of configuration to achieve a minimum viable web-page for this project.

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Toggle Redshift with Keyboard Shortcut

Wednesday, Jan 9, 2019

Redshift is a screen-tinting program that achieves similar goals to the popular f.lux1 program. I perused through the redshift man-pages and noticed there is no documented way to toggle redshift. Of course one can click the notification area icon when using redshift-gtk or SIGTERM the redshift process, but neither is very user friendly. (The mouse is not user friendly.) After some awkward DuckDuckGo-ing and Googling I found an obvious solution on the redshift homepage2: simply send SIGUSR1 to the redshift or redshift-gtk process.

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