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Racket frustrates me

Friday, Jun 16, 2023

Sorry if I upset any of the nice Racket folks out there. It’s time for a little reality check. First, repeat after me: Coding is a tool to get stuff done. If you let your programming language impact your productivity, you are not in charge, the technology is calling the shots. Why would I use Racket today? Do I want to iterate every 18 hours waiting for the pkgs.

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#lang tinybasic

Wednesday, Jul 27, 2022

For the Lang Party Summer 2022, I wrote a BASIC interpreter. It took a bit of mental gymnastics and learning on my part. In this post I hope to share some of the experience in implementing this interpreter. For the curious, the code lives on GitHub. Figure 1: A TinyBASIC session in Cool Retro Term Try it out! Want to try it out? Run raco pkg install --auto tinybasic to install it.

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Racket on Digital Ocean App Platform

Sunday, May 15, 2022

Digital Ocean’s App Platform works fairly well with Racket. To activate this service, create a git repository with a Dockerfile in it. Your app will be ran as a container built from the Dockerfile and hosted by Digital Ocean. It appears this platform handles load balancing and scaling. These are good value prospects when considering hosting on this platform. If you wish to use a custom domain you can also do so, such as was the case with p.

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