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Moving blog to ox-hugo

Saturday, Apr 3, 2021

It’s refresh time! Since January 2019 I’ve been blogging on this website and it’s been a rewarding experience. I originally researched many blogging solutions that involved using Emacs Org mode. I settled with org-static-blog and it worked pretty well for the most part. It gave just enough structure and mechanism to enable me to work on authoring content without dealing with the details of website building. Enter 2021, I have used org-static-blog for a couple years, and detailed some of my challenges with it below.

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Snarf YouTube videos off gather.town

Sunday, Mar 21, 2021

Gather.town is a very cool virtual conference platform. You pick an avatar, can voice chat, video chat, and watch presentations all while standing around in a virtual 2D space. A conference which I attended recently had all the talks pre-recorded and played back at live-time. This worked very well because the presenters would take their time and provide the best possible content. Within the virtual conference space, there was a way to play the videos back through moving your avatar into a specific location that is different for each video.

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Publishing with org-static-blog

Friday, Jan 11, 2019

Criteria After reviewing a list of org-mode1 capable static website generators2, I decided to see if org-static-blog3 could suffice my simple needs. My criteria for choosing an org-mode static site generator was: it must be actively maintained, it must be simple to set up with customizations, and it must work with Emacs 26 and later. This ruled out quite a few right away. I didn’t attempt using org-publish, as it looked like a great deal of configuration to achieve a minimum viable web-page for this project.

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