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My first game jam

Thursday, Jun 8, 2023

Source lives here. Play it here. In a joint effort, Aliasing and myself have created a novel top-down action rogue-lite for the 2023 Spring Lisp Game Jam. Aliasing is an experienced game dev so in a way, I was along for the ride. Still, I managed to contribute some game mechanics, features, unit testing, CI/CD that deploys to super-rogue.workinprogress.top on every commit. This was a fun devops exercise for me - Aliasing mentioned to me that I helped keep him on track with the addition of automated testing and per-commit deploys to a website (it makes it easy to play-test pull requests).

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Freenode is dead, long live Freenode!

Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Note: this is my OWN opinion and not representative of any community entity. This is a summary of what I’ve experienced since the Freenode takeover. (The new Freenode is Libera.chat.) Drama? I prefer to not take sides in online drama, but I feel like I have to err on the side of not-nuking-and-paving IRC channels that have existed for decades. Here’s the summary of what’s happened, from my perspective: Guy with a bunch of money takes over a community operated network.

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Milwaukee Code Camp

Saturday, Nov 23, 2019

This most recent weekend (November 16th) I attended the Milwaukee Code Camp and was pleased with the content. There was plenty of food, coffee, and give-aways. The Talks I attended five talks: starting an open source project (link) 1, how to manage work life balance as a software developer (link), getting started with Docker and Kubernetes2 (link), introduction to Terraform for cloud infrastructure management (link),

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Won MSOE x Google Cloud Hackathon

Monday, Nov 18, 2019

About a fortnight ago (Nov 9th) I went to the MSOE x Google Cloud hackathon.1 There was pizza, soda, and Google Cloud gear. Each group was given a Google AIY Computer Vision kit to assemble, and build a proof of concept around. The kit contained a Raspberry Pi Zero W, the Raspberry Pi Camera Add-on, a breakout board to provide simplified pin-outs for a button with an integrated light, an additional LED that mounted next to the camera to indicate if the camera was active, and a piezo buzzer.

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GDG Milwaukee 2019 DevFest - We participated!

Wednesday, Nov 6, 2019

I attended the GDG Milwaukee 2019 DevFest last Saturday. This was my second hackathon. Around 6-9 teams participated. We coded for six hours, and I learned a lot about team dynamics. We formed a team of eight participants. We encountered a couple significant challenges. The stack matters Initially we decided to use Python and the Django framework. This turned out to be a grave error, because picking up Django quickly while staying productive is challenging.

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