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Auto-rip Music CDs

Monday, Feb 7, 2022

Awhile back I found a stack of audio CDs I wished to digitize. It’s a bit of work to do the following steps quickly and while doing other more cerebral work: Open the disc tray Insert the disc Wait a few seconds for the disc to be detected by the OS Kick off abcde to rip the CD. Repeat ad infinitum. The solution is to streamline the workflow:

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Track down basic Emacs bugs & hangs

Friday, Nov 1, 2019

I ran into a hang today with only ivy enabled and nothing else configured or installed. The behavior was such that after I typed a hostname with a TLD (such as not.existant.com1), then typed C-x d to visit a directory or C-x C-f to find a file, Emacs would hang. My mouse would turn into a pin-wheel. My only recourse was to send the ‘quit’ command via C-g to cancel the operation.

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Open URL in existing Qutebrowser from Emacs Daemon on Gentoo

Sunday, Jul 28, 2019

On my Gentoo desktops, I use Emacs Daemon via sys-emacs/emacs-daemon1 to ensure an Emacs instance is ready to go and always available from boot. This is done via creating a symbolic link like /etc/init.d/emacs.winston to /etc/init.d/emacs which will start Emacs for the given user. See the package README for more details. A shortcoming of this setup is XDG_RUNTIME_DIR2 is not set, as this is set by my Desktop Session - maybe LightDM or consolekit set this?

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Toggle Redshift with Keyboard Shortcut

Wednesday, Jan 9, 2019

Redshift is a screen-tinting program that achieves similar goals to the popular f.lux1 program. I perused through the redshift man-pages and noticed there is no documented way to toggle redshift. Of course one can click the notification area icon when using redshift-gtk or SIGTERM the redshift process, but neither is very user friendly. (The mouse is not user friendly.) After some awkward DuckDuckGo-ing and Googling I found an obvious solution on the redshift homepage2: simply send SIGUSR1 to the redshift or redshift-gtk process.

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